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3D Wooden Planet Model

Understanding the Revolution and Rotation of the Earth and their effects made easy. Assembling the toy with the child provides great bonding time, and builds logic and problem solving skills. The toy uses gear systems to illustrate these motions. It is recommended for children six years and above.

4 in 1 Educational Toy

Impact how your child learns. Impart life skills such as problem solving, logical thinking skills and the ability to see the big picture, design and build towards it. These educational toys will assist you to achieve these objectives. With over 100 building block pieces, the children can create four spectacular remote controlled robots, each with unique functionalities, with movement ability in all directions.

DIY Drone


Do you know someone who is fascinated with flying? Do you know how helicopters manage to lift off the ground? Then this toy is yours. This drone toy does not need licensing and is remote controlled. It features a light-weight wooden frame that one has to assemble together with the plastic rotors. It has four rotors that help it achieve lift. The batteries are rechargeable.

Other features include:

  • One button take-off, one click landing

  • High quality basswood

  • Function: Rise,fall,turnleft,turn right,forward,backward,left fly,right fly,roll

  • Uses a precision barometer to achieve hovering and stable flight

  • Operating frequency โ€“ 2.4GHz

  • Farthest flight distance - 100m

  • WAS Sh. 7,499 NOW Sh. 5,499

Smart Robot Car Chassis

Impart the programming skills and have fun as you learn. This robot car chassis is programmable, and not only that, it is a DIY car. Programming can be done using languages such as python, and arduino uno. Suitable for children ten years and above.    

Solar Remote Control Wooden Vehicle

Improve your child's creativity abilities with this DIY Solar Remote Car.ย  Assembling the toy is fun and enhances logical thinking, problem solving skills and patience. It is a great toy to reinforce the use of renewable sources of energy. It is suitable for children six years and above.