Five Best video games for kids

Truth be told at this point we are all addicted to our screens. I mean my parents are in their sixties and after I got them a Wi-Fi subscription, they are glued to their screens anytime I visit them. Nonetheless, we all have that inner filter controlling how long we are going to be online and what we will be doing while we are in front of our screens. From our social media pages to when we are playing video games, we know when to take a break.

However, our adorable kids do not have this filter. They want to be online or gaming for as long as they can. So, it is understandable if a parent would like to know what their kids are doing in front of their screens. And that’s where we come in, we have scoured the internet and our personal gaming consoles to come up with a list of our picks for the five best video games for kids. These will keep your child entertained for those long holidays without giving you a panic attack on the effects of the game.


Any parent with a child that has an even slight interest in gaming has definitely heard of Minecraft. This video game has been a constant meme on social media and an obsession for every kid gamer. Minecraft is a sandbox video game that focuses on building and crafting.

Minecraft video game Logo.


Parents and kids alike are totally in love with this game. Uniquely, the game is like virtual Legos, engaging your child’s creative senses and keeping them totally engaged. Minecraft can be played on PC’s using Microsoft Windows, Nintendo, Wii U as well as Xbox1, Xbox360 and PS3 and PS4 gaming consoles.

Little Big Planet 3

For our PlayStation users this one comes exclusively to you. This game reminds us old heads of the classic 90’s super Mario. Comparatively though, little big planet 3 includes self-created levels and characters engaging your child’s creativity. The theme from the creators of the video game is; “Play. Create. Share.” and they live to their motto by creating an interactive video game that ranks highly amongst reviewers and kids alike.


Now this is a classic. Millennials have all grown up playing this video game and we have enjoyed every minute of it. The video game is rated E for everyone and is the favourite of millions around the globe.

FIFA 20 by EA sports.
EA sports FIFA 20

Not only have the new versions been more interactive but they also have an incredible attention to detail. Additionally, the video game creates an undying passion for the sport of football giving you and your kids something to look forward to at the weekend (televised football games). Whether you support the same team or different teams you will certainly create memories stemming from the video game.


We all loved the classic racing games. Whether it was need for speed on our computers or it was those wire car races we used to have in the village, racing cars was a look forward to event at the end of the day. Forza is the next level of video game racing. As a matter of fact, the developers have added ultra-realistic weather conditions that affect the handling of the vehicles. Now that is super cool.

The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 video game

Due to the cultural impact of the MCU over the last decade, I have a feeling we all secretly want to be avengers. If that is the case imagine how our kids feel. This video game makes those child-like dreams feel real. Players can choose from the variety of Marvel superheroes with all their unique abilities.

The video game is played from a third-person perspective. It features 17 unique locations drawn from the Marvel universe. The gameplay is a mix of combat and puzzle solving, similar to most Lego titles. Additionally, there is a new four-player competitive mode.

So, there is our list for the best video games for kids that we interacted with this month. Join us next month as we give you another list of the best video games for kids. In conclusion, there have been numerous studies showing the importance of video games in a child’s development. So do not deny your child the opportunity to experience the joy and developmental gains of video games. Instead, get the right games for their age group, keep them entertained and keep your mind at ease.

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