Educational Toys, What are the benefits?

We have all been fearing this for a while but now its official. The entire 2020 academic year has come to a halt. Meaning that our children will be stuck at home for an extended period of time. So how do we keep them mentally active and productive over this period? In comes educational toys, toys that are specifically engineered towards stimulating learning in a particular area. These toys help keep children engaged mentally and have several mental and developmental benefits towards the education and mental growth of a child.

It can be argued that in each unique way, all toys are educational. But with the emphasis of a STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) curriculum there are toys out there that have a more educational value in comparison to others.

These toys are specifically designed to engage children and helping them develop skills in the sciences or arts.

In this article we will be looking at some benefits of these educational toys and the reason why we should buy some for our kids in this prolonged stay at home period.

  • Educational toys help in keeping children at pace with the curriculum

We are encouraged to keep our children on a timetable during the holidays in order to keep them on their toes when it comes to learning. However, a six-month timetable can be strenuous and honestly hard to stay true to. Therefor, educational toys especially those designed to help grow the problem solving and creativity skills of our children could be the solution. Let us look at the Smart Maker smart Robot car as an example. The toy is built o help kids with their computer skills. With a programmable micro-chip, kids can write different lines of code programming the toy to do various tasks. At 9,999 KES this toy is honestly a bargain as the return on investment is incredible. Calling this educational tool a toy is an injustice. This toy is more of a learning aid and is suitable for kids aged 10 and over.

Another toy from the smart maker collection that is fun and educational is the 4 in 1 educational toy.


The smart maker 4 in 1 building blocks Educational toy

Impact how your child learns. Impart life skills such as problem solving, logical thinking skills and the ability to see the big picture, design and build towards it. This educational toy will assist you to achieve these objectives. With over 100 building block pieces, children can create four spectacular remote-controlled robots. Each with unique functionalities, with movement ability in all directions. Suitable for kids aged six-ten years old.

Smartmaker.co.ke has a collection of educational toys for all age groups at pocket friendly prices.


  • Educational toys enhance problem solving skills

Educational toys have a task that needs to be solved or achieved. This enhances a childโ€™s problem-solving skills as they try to achieve said task. Toys such as the Smart Maker 3d wooden planet model gives kids a task of assembly leading to understanding how gears work.

The Smart Maker 3d wooden planet model

The 3d wooden planet model

This task has the end goal of understanding the rotation of the earth. Therefor creating a learning platform for both physics and geography.

  • Enhanced creativity

Creativity is an important life skill for every human being. Educational toys that have building blocks or need a problem solved stimulate creativity. Giving kids the ability to think outside the box.

Educational toys are specifically designed in a way to increase a childโ€™s literacy, improve memory, motor and identification skills. Kids who quickly develop these skills gradually increase their IQ.

All in all educational toys are a good way to keep children busy and engaged in this time. With all the free time that our kids are about to have keeping them up to speed with the curriculum is important. So we would like to propose educational toys as a way to keep children busy, engaged, educated and informed during this long period.

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