Business in Kenya after the Corona Virus

By now we are all aware of the current Corona Virus pandemic ravaging Kenya and the rest of the world. And sadly, it seems that this will be the new normal for a while.


Therefore, where do we go from here? How do we run our businesses? Is marketing still necessary in this day and age? How do we bounce back after all is said and done? These questions linger in everyone’s mind more so business owners than most other people.

Where do we go from here?

Let’s face it business in Nairobi has always been cutthroat but now we find ourselves in uncharted waters where most of us are unsure about what to do next. So here are some few pointers to help you out.

1. Be all about the people.

Its time like these where the heart of capitalism and our humanity is tested. So, despite the primary need for a business being to make profits we need to be aware that this virus can affect our customers or employers and pivot our business towards our human resource.  As a matter of fact, it is critical that you protect your employees, allowing them to work in an environment where they are safe from the virus. Allowing your team to work from home doesn’t necessarily mean that they can slack off, evaluating the different technologies and platforms available, any business can effectively run remote work centers allowing you to make the best out of a horrible situation.

2. Communicate about the Corona Virus

In times like this the most important thing we can do is communicate. The Kenyan government is continuously giving us guidelines on how to flatten the curve and avoid further spread of the virus. On our part, we need to be clear and concise to our employees and customers on the steps that we are taking to protect them. Businesses that are doing home delivery of products need to constantly communicate with their customers on the steps they have taken and continue taking in protecting their customers. Besides, in these times of uncertainty clear information is the best we can do to give those around us as well as those dependent on us peace of mind.

3. Do Not take Advantage

We have seen it all over social media, some people are openly trying to make a shilling. We are all aware that essential supplies such as face masks and hand sanitizers are running low; however exploiting people’s fear and using this situation to make money is despicable.

In times like these more than others, we are our brother’s keepers; so, for those in the manufacturing space, follow WHO and government directives in manufacturing products that actually protect people from the Corona Virus.

4. Market Wisely

Marketing is one of the most crucial arms of any business. But in these strange times most of us are questioning the need for our marketers more so the digital marketers. However, we need to keep this business channel open. As earlier stated, communication is key, therefore using our digital marketing platforms to dispense factual precise information can go a long way, not only in informing people but also in keeping our brands seen and relevant to the current situation.

All in all let us all keep safe and keep indoors when possible to help flatten the curve and defeat the Corona Virus.

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