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The memories we hold most dear from our childhood came from simple moments that we shared with our family and friends. Some of these memorable moments came from a great family trip or school trip, an unforgettable family dinner and the best ones for me came from surprise presents from my parents and grandparents. Dad going to work and coming back with a rally car toy was just an incredible feeling and I still keep those moments close to my heart and every now and then share them with my old man.

Even though it sounds shallow gifts make simple moments last longer as every time your child sees the toy or plays with the toy, they remember mommy and daddy. However, there seems to be a million toys out there and shopping for the right one can be a big pain; it could be out of season, the wrong colour, not cool enough so to help you out here is our list of the coolest tech toys out in the market that make amazing presents for kids for any gifting season of the year.

Little Bits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Toy number one on our list is the Little Bits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit. Little Bits seems to have pulled out the brake pedal with their new toy in town. Nothing has been cooler in the superhero genre in the recent past than the MCU with Iron Man and the rest of the avengers oozing so much swagger that it makes the justice league look like the homeless neighbourhood madmen. Kids can get in full Tony Stark mode by building their own wearable gauntlet; complete with flashing lights, sensors, and sound effects.

The Little bits Avenger Hero Inventor Kit
The Little bits Avenger Hero Inventor Kit

Besides, It is customizable so kids can fiddle with various components to see how they work. It has a companion App with superhero-themed lessons that guide the kids through the building and coding process. The tutorials start easy then gradually increase in difficulty. Besides this toy being on the higher side of the price range going for $149 on Amazon.com it is definitely an amazing present for any child

The Rocktopus.

The Think and Learn Rocktopus.

Second in line comes the Rocktopus. This toy gets your kids ready to rock (literally). It comes fitted with 15 musical instruments, 5 music styles and 3 play modes which are math, music, and game. Rocktopus responds to every musical instrument as kids insert or play, guiding them through the play session. Kids are in control of their musical creations which include tempo, sound effects, adding or removing instruments. You can get it for $30 from Amazon

The Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

This third toy, Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk makes your kid become the ultimate boss baby. The Vtech Desk is an amazing activity table that features an interactive desktop that introduces numbers, letters, animals, music, people and more. Furthermore, this play table comes with 30+ learning activities, 20+ popular melodies, 9 colorful touch pages and more than 160 vocabulary words. This is the boss table for your kid for $50 on Amazon.

The Shifu Orboot

The Shifu Orboot

Next in line is the Shifu Orboot. The Orboot education globe has an augmented reality (AR) component that adds fun and learning opportunities. Through a free iOS, Android or Kindle App and your smart device. Kids can take a โ€˜world tourโ€™, listen to stories, take quizzes and explore the worldโ€™s animals, cultures and country maps. The orboot goes for $49.99 on Amazon.

The Smart Robot car

For the love of cars, and programming, we have the king the tech toys which is the Smart Makerโ€™s Robot Car. Most of the parts are connected with screws and a few parts are designed with an anti-reverse socket, which makes installation simple and safe.

The Smart Maker Programmable Toy Robot

It supports multiple functions including; tracking, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, light discoloration, singing and playing music making it the ultimate transformer. You can have it for $130 on the smart maker online shop https://smartmaker.co.ke.

So, there is our list, which we believe will create a great gift giving season and incredible, unforgettable memories that your kids will cherish forever and pass on to their kids.

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